ScottBot: a “that’s what she said” bot

To get scott­bot star­ted, I put it in­to an other­wi­se emp­ty IRC chan­nel and ju­st fed it a few “fun­ny” and “not­fun­ny” mes­sa­ges, gi­ving it feed­back on ea­ch one. Wi­thin a few do­zen it was get­ting pret­ty good at this. Whi­ch, coin­ci­den­tal­ly, is what she said.

Sem­pli­ce­men­te ge­nia­le. Per un uti­liz­zo più ge­ne­ri­co, sen­za ne­ces­si­tà di trai­ning, af­fi­da­te­vi in­ve­ce al fil­tro baye­sia­no TWSS:

1 > TWSS("you're not going fast enough")
2 true